Wie erklärt man jemandem, was man tief in seiner Seele fühlt, was die Gründe für unsere Tränen sind, für den Schmerz in unserer Brust? Wie erklärt man jemandem, dass wir Tage haben, an denen wir alle Gefühlsregungen auf einmal spüren und Tage, an denen wir nichts außer Leere fühlen? Wie erklärt man jemandem, dass wir so gern in den Arm genommen werden wollen und gleichzeitig manchmal auch einfach unseren Abstand brauchen? Wie erklärt man jemandem, dass man so oft tief aus dem Herzen lacht und wenn dieser Moment vergeht, eine so schreckliche Empfindung in sich wahrnimmt, die einem vor Augen führt, dass man noch lange nicht glücklich ist? Wie erklärt man jemandem, dass die Gefühle, die wir in uns verspüren uns in der Mitte im zwei teilen? Uns zu dem einen und zu dem anderen Menschen machen? Wie erklären wir das?
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Ich hab gehört, wie sie lästern, hab gehört, wie sie lachten.
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At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.
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I’d do anything to forget you
― Six Word Story (via mentaldespair)
Is it possible to fuck you out of my mind? Because there’s somebody in my bed speaking dirty words and I don’t wanna do this but I don’t wanna remember you anymore.
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I hate the feeling when you have to say goodbye to someone you want to spend every minute with.
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Sometimes I let boys kiss me, even though I know I shouldn’t, and I let them take my jeans off.
Sometimes I cry for no reason and sometimes I stare blankly at nothing when all I want to do Is cry
Sometimes i drink until my blood turns to alcohol and the only thing I can remember is my name on your tongue
Sometimes the image of you burns in my mind and I can feel you in my veins
Sometimes I listen to your favorite song until I physically can’t take it anymore and then cry while it still plays
Sometimes I read books about people In a better place making memories and falling in love as i sit in this shitty old apartment filled with memories of you
Sometimes I take showers and scrub my skin until its red and raw in all the places your hands have trailed
Sometimes I run until i can’t breath and every gulp of air is laced with you
Sometimes I grab at my ribs, in an attempt to hold myself together
Sometimes I think I’ll be ok
And sometimes i know i won’t
― Something I wrote because I miss you (via a-lovely-cup-of-tea)
It hurts. It hurts really badly. Maybe it’s just because it’s late. Maybe I’m just overemotional right now. Maybe you slipped yourself inside of my soul and built all of these aching memories and left yours there too, because you don’t seem to care at all. And that hurts. Jesus Christ it hurts so badly. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t be enough.
Kayla Kathawa - I’d have done anything  (via ninakathawa)